The highest quality professional cosmetics for care and treatment of hair.

Reconstruction, finishing and nutrition of hair. Our products will bring the best results for your customers.


High quality professional cosmetics for your salon

Our products are of the highest quality bringing the best care and treatment of your hair.

Organic Therapy

Organic Therapy

Organic Therapy is an innovative hair care system free of harmful agents. The formula is composed of Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin and Lumini System™️, a blend of amino acids that guarantees the re-texturization of the hair fiber, providing intelligent conditioning and three-dimensional shine. It favors lightness common in lighter hair or with melanin degradation.

Botox Matize

Botox Matize

Treatment for hair mass replacement, volume reduction and cuticle alignment for all hair types, especially for blond, colored and streaked hair. It eliminates frizz, prevents split ends and seals hair cuticles. It prolongs a smooth effect with the combination of vitamins and fatty acids, which keep the hair cuticles sealed and protect them from daily damage. In addition to disciplining the hair, Botox Matize intensifies shine and platinum, hydrates and nourishes.

Liquid mask

Liquid mask treatment enhancer

Ultra-concentrated Liquid Mask with instant nourishing, moisturizing and emollient action, developed for all hair types. Made with Jojoba, Argan, Amla and Sunflower Oils, it promotes deep hydration, detangling, nourishing and anti-frizz action. Provides silkiness, softness and intense shine to hair. Paraben free.

Deep reconstruction mask

Deep reconstruction mask

Intense moisturizing hair mask, leaves the strands extremely soft and silky, facilitating combing and detangling. Made with Panthenol, Amino Acid Blend and Ojon Oil, it promotes a moisturizing, repairing and nourishing action, providing silky, malleable and easier to untangle strands, keeping hair healthy and with an intense shine. Dye and paraben free.



Moisturizing conditioner, suitable for all hair types, promotes untangling action and facilitates daily hair care. Made with Panthenol, Amino Acid Blend and Ojon Oil, hydrating, nourishing and repairing actives, resulting in soft, shiny hair, with more life and movement. Dye and paraben free. To be applied after treatments. Helps to detangle and align cuticles, increasing the shine and emollience of the hair.

Leave-In Multifuncional Hidrafrizz

Leave-In Multifuncional Hidrafrizz

Multifunctional leave-in suitable for all hair types, moisturizes, facilitates combing, fights frizz, restores shine and softness. Made with Panthenol, Amino Acid Blend and Amla and Sunflower Oil, it has hydrating and restorative properties, giving hair a revitalized look, soft and with absolute shine. Contains thermal protector and sunscreen. It has 10 benefits in a single product: Intense Hydration / Shine, Softness and Silkiness / Volume reduction / Repair / Improves Compatibility / Anti-frizz / Revitalization / Detangling / Thermal Protection / Sun Damage Protection.

Deep restoring shampoo<

Deep restoring shampoo

Moisturizing and repairing shampoo, cleans the hair in a balanced way, removing impurities while helping to repair and restore the hair fiber. Made with Panthenol and Amino Acid Blend, it has a revitalizing, moisturizing and repairing action on the threads, leaving them supple and shiny. Free of salt (sodium chloride), dyes and parabens.

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Aella was born from the dream of transforming people through beauty. For our hairdressing professionals, we offer high quality products, with cutting-edge formulations and actives that leave the hair with the ideal result that the professional seeks. In addition, we offer the opportunity of financial gain and high profitability, as our products have values ​​and conditions outside the market curve. Meet Aella, the beauty formula.

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