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Artefatos Klopffleisch

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We manufacture a variety of snooker tables as follows:<br><br>Model 1043: Snooker<br>Top - Table, structure in MDF, lid option: Slate or MDF surface covered with strong felt (green; blue; red), easy to assemble, set of balls (various options) and cues included. <br> Measures: 2,25 x 1,27 x 0,83m<br><br>Model 1035: Snooker Table<br>Produced with solid wood, covered with green polyester felt. 08 balls (e colours) + 1 white ball and 02 cues (1,35m) included.<br> Measures: 1,79 x 0,95 x 0,78m.<br><br>Model 1036: Multi-Use<br>Produced in solid wood, covered with green polyester felt. Snooker, Ping-pong and soccer button in the some table. Could by used as a table for meals. 01 board (one side as ping-pong / other side as soccer button), 08 balls (02 colours) + white ball and 02 cues (1,35m).<br> Measures: 1,79 x 0,95 x 0,78m<br><br>

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  • icone de usuario Jose Carlos Dalla Costa
  • icone de telefone +55 41 xxxxxxxx
  • map-marker Araucària / PA | Brazil

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