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Transforming Global Logistics!

Our company is an innovative and agile import and export service provider

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Transforming Global Logistics! Our company is an innovative and agile import and export service provider, composed of experienced professionals in the market. With unique internationalization strategies, we aim for above-average expansion, catering to companies seeking to import and export through marketplaces and partnerships spread across the world.

With an extensive global network and exponential growth, we are ready to propel your business beyond borders, making logistics simple and efficient. Trust in BlockByte to achieve international success!


Sugar - ICUMSA 45

ICUMSA 45 Sugar: Pure Quality for Your Sweetest Flavors. Discover perfection in ICUMSA 45 Sugar, with unparalleled specifications to meet your needs.

Apple Powder

Apple Powder: Your Nutrient Boost! Experience a healthier lifestyle with our premium Apple Powder!

Grape Juice

Burgundy Grape Juice: Unparalleled Purity and Flavor, Indulge in the purity and authentic taste of our Burgundy Grape Juice, made with carefully selected grapes from premium batches. Every drop is a celebration of nature.


Grade 2 and 3 Yellow Corn for Human Consumption: Unparalleled Quality. Discover the best Yellow Corn for human consumption, with impeccable specifications to meet your needs.


Frozen Chicken: Delicious and Versatile. Discover the incredible taste of our **Frozen Chicken**, available whole or in pieces, perfect for a variety of delicious dishes.

Café Haragano

Welcome to the universe of Café Haragano, a jewel in the crown of quality coffees. Our brand brings not just a cup of coffee, but a rich and unparalleled experience, the result of decades of dedication and love for the art of growing coffee.


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