Industrial Laminates and Insulators
Tubes, Plates and others customized according

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Recognized in the Brazilian market as the pioneer in the manufacture of high compression industrial laminates, Eletrisol has been working since 1952 to ensure its market leading position, based on quality and reliability, encouraged by respect for its employees, customers and suppliers.

Eletrisol high compression industrial laminates are available in stock as plates, bars and tubes. We have available all kinds of NEMA in Phenolic / Epoxy resin and we can manufacture parts according to the specifications of each customer.

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We have a wide variety in our product line, such as:
Cotton Phenolic Laminate
Phenolic paper laminates
Epoxy castings and machined parts
Composite fiberglass and laminated glass cloth
Tubes and bars (fiberglass, phenolic paper and phenolic cotton)

Phenol-based material reinforced with saturated kraft paper, widely used for electrical insulation.
Products Main Application
E110 Electric insulation up to 15kV.
E110M Cold punching up to 1.5mm thickness
E110L Fluorescent bulb; Potentiometer
E1C Insulating for bulb starter; High temp peak up to 180ºC.
SR75 Electric insulation 26kV/mm; Commutator bar
TR1 Electric insulation 23kV/mm; Excelent Cold Punching Material up 2mm thickness
TR3 High Frequency Plastic Soldering Machine
BCM Printed circuit board drilling process
Please contact us for more information about our products. We also offer many other product lines:
Phenolic laminated cotton: Phenol-based materials reinforced with cotton fabric, widely used for mechanical application.
Fiberglass composite fabric and laminated glass: Produced with epoxy resins and polyester, fiberglass and glass reinforced fabric.
Epoxy castings and machined parts: Produced with epoxy resins and glass fiber reinforced polyester.
Tubes and bars (fiberglass, phenolic paper, phenolic cotton): Eletrisol produces a wide variety of tubes and reinforced rods with glass fibers, cotton fibers and cellulose fibers, with the addition of epoxy resins, polyester and phenolic stems.


Eletrisol products manufactured standard formats:

- Sheets
- Tubes
- Billets
- Molded and injected parts
- Sleeves
- Fillings

Also manufactures according to the customer's need:

- Machined parts
- Molded parts
- Gears
- Bushings
- Bearings
- Sheets
- Billets
- Tubes and other customized according to the request of the client.

The parts can be produced from the products:

G10, G11, LMPB, GPO3, Celeron, phenolite, Glass fiberglass epoxy casting and Engineering plastics (UHMW, PTFE, PP, HDPE).

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- Evaluate on a permanent basis, employees at all levels;
- Preservation of the organic relationship with customers and suppliers;
- Keep waste generation under control;
- Follow the procedures recommended by ISO 9001.

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