Uniting continents,
uniting you even more!

Structures in strategic points in the main Brazilian
ports and airports, ready to receive them!

Fbertani was founded in 2008,

always innovating our international trade operations to bring greater credibility to our customers.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the entire foreign trade chain, where our main objective is to strengthen the large retail chains around the world, offering our customers the best solutions and products according to the need for each process.


Our Products

We work with the following products


Commodities and
farinaceous line

Beans, Refined Salt, Ground Coffee, Food Coloring, Cornflour Cuscus



Chocolate, chips, preserves, cracker, sweets in general

Organic Products


Fruits, vegetables

Frozen and Refrigerated

Frozen and

French Bread, Cheese Bread, Sweet Bread, Croassant, Açai, pulp, Ice Creams



Beer, Wine, Nectar Juice, Guarana Syrup, Tea, Coconut Water

Hygiene and Cosmetics

Hygiene and

Soap, Hair Cream, Body Cream, Enamel, Nail Cutters, Bath Sponge

Utensils in General

in General

Children's Items, Cleaning Items, Items for pets, Kitchen Items, Crafts

Where do we export to?

Japan, United States, Portugal, Belgium, England, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, China, Germany

Structure / values

We have our own storage structure at strategic points, consolidation of different products in a single shipment, we value willpower, giving logistical control and full assistance in door-to-door processes until the product arrives at its final destination.

We offer high-volume item mix on-demand product supply schedules so that all departments have a full line of brands and products.

We work with dry products, refrigerated products, frozen and perishable products.

It is with great pride that we keep on constantly growing and never losing our essence of a family business, giving voice to our customers, valuing a humanized service and relationship, distributing trust since 2008.

We are strong and together invincible!