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A Premium Plus Member is the most elite type of membership for companies on B2Brazil. To become a Premium Plus Member, a company must pay B2Brazil a fee and such payment indicates the seriousness and a level of authenticity of the company*. The company must further undergo additional verification procedures conducted by B2Brazil.

Why is it beneficial to do business with a Premium Plus Member?

  • Premium Plus Members can have their identities authenticated and verified.
  • Premium Plus Members can access buyer contacts / leads directly for quicker response.
  • Premium Plus Members can post unlimited product and/or service listings online, including unlimited information and images.
  • Premium Plus Members receive relevant contacts and leads whether addressed to them or not.

* NOTE: B2Brazil and its affiliates expressly disclaim any warranty, express or implied, and liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon any information, action or omission of any of its members on its websites. Users are advised to review the Safe Practices / Tips and to conduct commercially reasonable due diligence in regards to each company that they may do business with.

B2B Verified

A major concern for companies conducting business through the Internet is to know that the company that you are in contact with and contemplating a deal with is authentic and credible. As a free service to our users, B2Brazil verifies certain members through its \"B2B Verified\" service. Members can become verified by either upgrading to B2B Verified status or becoming a Premium Member or Premium Plus Member. To become B2B Verified, B2Brazil authenticates and verifies that.

B2Brazil verifies that:

  • The business is legally registered
  • Contact information is confirmed

For a small fee, a user can request B2Brazil to gather additional authentication and verification information about a particular member(s). This information includes conducting a search with a relevant and independent credit agency (such as Dun & Bradstreet), conducting a search for any legal complaints, and retrieving company verification information based on the company’s tax ID number. For further information, contact us.

NOTE: B2Brazil verification does not guarantee business credibility, and B2Brazil assumes no liability for the information presented. Users are advised to review the Safe Practices / Tips and to conduct commercially reasonable due diligence in regards to each company that they may do business with.

Flurida Group Inc. (Chuzhou)

High Quality full-automatic aluminum groove ice maker

Refrigerator built-in automatic ice making system, suitable for the ice making and dispensing system 

of household and commercial refrigerators 

Aluminum groove ice maker features uniform ice, high purity, storage under ultra low temperature, ice hardness and color ranking top in the industry! As the leader of high quality products... Show more
Refrigerator built-in automatic ice making system, suitable for the ice making and dispensing system 

of household and commercial refrigerators 

Aluminum groove ice maker features uniform ice, high purity, storage under ultra low temperature, ice hardness and color ranking top in the industry! As the leader of high quality products in the ice making field, Flurida ice making and dispensing system has independent development system and a number of patents. Size: Custom; voltage: 110-230V; frequency: 50 / 60Hz; power: 90-165W; water injection: 80-115ml; ice volume: 1.9-2.5Kg/24h; application: refrigerator; approved certification: UL, CSA. Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

  Show less

Pricing & Payment Terms

FOB Price:3,02
Min. Order Quantity:5000
Unit Type:Set/Sets

Packaging & Delivery

Production Capacity:5000 sets/day
Delivery Timeframe:Depends on Size of Order
Packaging Details:Corrugated carton with partition
Mechanical ice maker electronic ice maker manual ice maker aluminum groove ice maker

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