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Central Justa Trama is a productive chain, a process that starts in planting cotton agroecological and goes to marketing pieces of clothing produced with this input.

Thus, Justa Trama was born from the dream of entrepreneurs working in the making's branch, at the time linked to Complex Cooperative proposed by ADS-CUT, in having an own product that, from beginning to end, was developed by workers in solidarity, making a difference not only in relation to their mode of production and appreciation of the work, but their quality and concern for the environment: agroecological cotton chain.

The initial project of production chain started in 2004 with the challenge of producing sixty thousand bags to be distributed during the World Social Forum, which would be based in Porto Alegre in 2005. The making of the pieces were on account of UNIVENS and Fio Nobre. Due to the volume of production were called over 30 social economy enterprises to participate in the work. Due to the innovation of the proposed production chain was needed, the help of partners, it was developed a project with the Ministry of Labor and Employment (SENAES) which provided funding for joint production, brand creation and necessary travel between overall coordination of the chain, formed by representatives of undertakings enabling its construction.

Justa Trama's activities are guided by the pillars of the social economy, which are: solidarity, self-management, cooperation and economic dimension and fair trade. These practices in projects promoting gender equality, income generation and work in the communities where they operate, the emancipation of the members and associates.

Being Justa Trama a central developments, this project will have a direct impact on all parts of the chain are:

(1) Association for Educational Development and Cultural Taua - ADEC - Planting organic cotton.
(2) Association of Organic Producers of Mato Grosso do Sul - APOMS - Planting organic cotton.
(3) Cooperative Textile Pará de Minas - Coopertextil - Spinning and Weaving
(4) Cooperative Seamstresses Nations Venceremos - UNIVENS - Confection
(5) Fio Nobre Weavers' Cooperative Regional Municipality Itajai - Confection
(6) Work Cooperative of Artisans of Rondônia - Production of bio-jewelry and dolls
(7) Inovarte - Making pets and educational games.

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