Brazilian cachaça to the world

Our products are born from the simplicity of rural life
but with the refinements of the arts and high gastronomy tables.


Octaviano Della Colletta Distillery

The Octaviano Della Colleta distillery was created from a story that involves a lot of love and encounters, we seek to reflect this inspiration and affection in each stage of production of our products.

Our products are born from the simplicity of rural life but with the refinements of the arts and high gastronomy tables, sophistication is found in the respect for the right time of the harvests, in the non-haste of the distillation and the respect of rest to produce the best cachaça.




Alzira cachaça

ALZIRA is a soft and very pleasant cachaça with complex and balanced aromas. Produced in Torrinha, in the interior of São Paulo, it was designed for a lighter and more relaxed tasting and is perfect to drink straight, with ice or in several drinks. All these characteristics are the result of a superior quality in its production process and in the storage of Cachaça, in wood from Amburana and Jequitibá.

Blanc de Blancs

Cachaça Ĉ Blanc de Blancs has the ideal freshness and smoothness for your cocktails.

It is produced with sugar cane grown in a selected terroir and distilled in a 3-body still, bringing even more aromas to this Cachaça.

Cachaça Ĉ Blanc de Blancs has the freshness of the perfect caipirinha on a sunny day.


Double Wood

Cachaça Cê Double Wood, awarded in 2022 with a gold medal in one of the most respected European competitions, is for those looking for an elegant and subtle flavor.

Aged in barrels of American Oak and Jequitibá Rosa, its notes are balanced and striking, combining spices, coconut and vanilla, provoking a contrast of sensations.

Harmonizes with more intense grilled meats, be it special cuts or even Wagyu. Besides being perfect for citrus cocktails and with a lot of liveliness.

Our guidelines

Love stories are always inspired. So imagine that of a man who had two passions during his life: the first woman who was always by his side. The second, the art of making cachaça.

The Octaviano Della Colletta Distillery was created to honor a passionate man. And there couldn't be a better way to tell this story than a favorite through the flavors of your drink. The preparation method was perfected, modern equipment was imported, but the care taken with every detail of the process, which Mr. Octaviano prized, remains the same.