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High Quality Products from Brazil to the World

Wanali is a leading company in fruit and honey exports, known for the quality and freshness of its products.


Tropical Fruits

The fruit is harvested from cultivated or wild plants and trees. In most cases, it can be eaten as a dessert, or as a component in the production of other foods (such as juices, jellies and marmalades).

In recent years, Brazil's fruit exports have accounted for 1% of all its exports -- US$1 billion. We have been part of the export story, working with international fruit trade for more than a decade.


Honey is a food generally found in a viscous and sugary liquid state, which is produced by bees from the nectar collected from flowers. Honey has been around since as far back as we can record. Today, with the development and improvement of management and production techniques, we are able to increase the production of honey and extract it without damaging the hive. Honey is the only sweet product that contains proteins and various minerals and vitamins essential to our health. In addition to its high energy value, it has known medicinal properties, recognized for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Our honey is developed in the best climates, with preservation of the soil and the flora, practicing the sustainable use of nature. We have a predominance of wild honey and organic honey, and we also supply bracatinga melate. Both our organic and conventional honey are of the highest quality.


Our origins are traced to 1996, by the joining together of a family of farmers present in the following states of Brazil: Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná.

Wanali was born in 2011, from the combination of our ease of supply in the domestic market, with the need for additional partners to market our products. From that point, we started the international commercialization of Conventional and Organic Honey | Tropical Fruits | Coffee.

The Wanali Group promotes the investment of beekeepers in the South, Midwest and Northeast of Brazil. In addition, we promote the investment in coffee producers in the Southeast of the country. Our products pass through strict quality control processes, where the cleaning and sanitizing of all of our industrial areas are developed and implemented according to international standards. We have laboratories co-located with our production units, so that we can examine the quality of batches as they are produced.

To constantly strive for the achieving the satisfaction of our suppliers, employees and business partners.

To be known internationally as a leader in Brazilian foods.

To conduct ourselves with full respect for where we obtain our products through sustainable development practices.