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XCMG, an iconic brand of construction machinery industry in China, was born in 1943 at the Huaxing Iron Factory. Since 1989 when it was designated as the reform pilot of corporate groups in China, XCMG has remained No. 1 in China’s industry of construction machinery. At present, it ranks No. 3 in the world and is one of the World Top 500 brands.


XGC25T 25-ton Mini Telescope Boom Crawler Crane

Deep integration of XCMG two major product technology advantages of wheeled cranes and crawler cranes, full study of global customers needs, being proud of launching XGC series telescopic boom crawler crane with both functions of telescopic boom and travel with a load.

XE220E Tier 4 China 20-ton Crawler Excavator

Direct from XCMG Factory, the XE220E Tier 4 20 Ton Excavator. XCMG XE210E Stage IV/Tier 4 is known for efficiency and productivity in various construction projects like municipal and highway construction, housing, and road engineering.

XCMG XE150WB 15-ton Wheel Excavator

XCMG XE150WB, a powerful wheeled hydraulic excavator, designed for diverse conditions. Its size complies with road regulations, making it suitable for airport, port, oil field, urban construction, and water conservancy projects, providing significant value to customers.

XCT25_M 25-ton electric hybrid car crane

Higher and smoother operating efficiency (20% higher operating efficiency than diesel products), when the vehicle is plugged in or battery powered, the operating efficiency is 2 times the maximum lifting weight of the industrial plug-in version.


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