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The export of shoes - from Brazil to the world
The internal and external financial crisis has caused several segments to show results below expectations by investors, this has not been different with footwear, but even so the market has been using all its resources to maintain its stability and this has given good results .

In a market that exports $ 1.09 billion annually presents great business opportunities for small and medium entrepreneurs who seek to start negotiations with the foreign market.

Due to the speed of information on global fashion trends and the ease of obtaining raw materials to develop appropriate modeling for the buyer market and subsequent serial production, Brazilian footwear manufacturers are in a good position to meet the demand of importers of the most diverse profiles.

Consumption in the northern hemisphere has steadily increased due to the economic recovery of many of its countries, only in 2017 consumed 19.6 billion pairs, 3% more than the previous year.

Brazil, which produced 908.9 million pairs during 2017, increased production by 1%, while consumption reached 805.5 million pairs, 1.2% higher than in 2016, showing that only the external market as well as the internal market can demonstrate great opportunities for those who seek to undertake in the footwear segment

Despite some decline in 2018, the trend for 2019 is growth, not only because of the dollar, but because of productivity, factors related to cost and taxation.
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