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Digital Marketing Strategies to leverage your trade show promotions

Integrating digital marketing strategies into business promotions before, during and after each event can help increase results

We have differentiated digital marketing solutions for your company

Through a combination of strategies with website, email, mobile and social networking, you can increase the response to your events marketing actions and be more connected with your target audience.

Development of a special multilingual landing page with search engines optimized to promote your participation in an upcoming event and to be found by the participants:

The landing page may include an incentive for participants to visit your space during the event, or for the winners of a contest, or to respond to a questionnaire, etc.
The landing page includes a form for users to complete to win a prize at the event or schedule a visit, or to complete if they can't go to the event and still want more information.

Promotion of the landing page through URL or through QR code in all materials and print ads, as well as through e-mail communication and regular publications on Twitter, Linkedin and / or Facebook with clients and prospects.

Planning, developing and deploying the online digital marketing campaign for your page through Google AdWords.
Send of emails to your customers, our database and others email lists promoting your products and your participation in the event.
After the event, your landing page will be updated to present information and emphasize the results of the event.

Use information from the new prospects found by the campaign to develop a direct, segmented, and continuous communication program that includes e-mail, Tweets, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts.

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