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About Us

AgriForte S / A is a Comercial Exportadora Food and Beverage. Commodities in general, food service, vinegars, juices, fruit, fish, meat (poultry, beef, pork and lamb) and other miscellaneous items.

Here are some updated information on our work and products, believing that some in special products may be interesting as these our suppliers already serves with its own brand Walmart, Carrefour, Sugar Loaf and other retail groups, which are frozen products ( item 7). Also on the issue of rice for sale in retail is interesting (item 4). And now the Cassava and acai that are infecting the world (11 and 15).

With respect to grains and derivatives (oils, sharps) contacts and agreements being signed by AgriForte are directly with the owners and responsible for the areas of export and directors of companies that already operate in the domestic market and export, and we are presenting requests (LOIs) and then inform the values ​​and product availability.
Link to access the Folder Digital AgriForte (made specifically for Gulfood 2016 - Halal Products)
We are updating our home page yet, but will be ready with all the items soon.

Some products | Main
1) Sugar, we are able to offer the product in different types of packaging, already prepared for the buyers market, with the specific characteristics and requirements (if any). There is also the bulk being answered supply when presenting the request with the necessary details to make the offer. The key for service in significant quantities is refined and Brown (brown), and others within the production line. I believe we have much to care for good order. The procedures you already know.

2) soybean, soybean meal and soybean oil there are some suppliers who can meet us, but we always need to provide a LOI within the usual market standards so that they can be responding to supply and operational procedures. Typically they are offering to as FOB Port Paranagua or other logistics according to each supplier company and product location.

3) Vinegar we have the largest supplier of production and quality of Brazil, one of the major world producers in the past 30 years and according to demand production capacity, it has expanded conditions to suit applications worldwide. They themselves produce Preform and final packing in the latest equipment and can also meet the requests and special conditions of end customers. In addition to the products already developed, is able to create a product with flavor and characteristics requested by the customer, and at a cost that will be competitive in the international market. The same company has other items on its production line as salad dressings, balsamic vinegar, açaí palm and peach palm and other products can also be presenting.

4) have as a main rice polished, fully parboiled white and packaging which can vary from 1 to 50 kg, including the possibility of being made branded packaging and special requests customer / purchaser. Besides good terms suppliers in Brazil, they also have to offer rice producing in Uruguay (Urumati, Perla, El Paso 144, Tacuri and Olimar), being competitive in the international market. We know that the American market and the Latin countries are increasing rice purchase of Brazil, and we have to provide exclusively for the American market, especially those regions with Latino population, with the characteristics that we are requested because the arrozeiro Rio South Grande gave us this alternative.

5) In the meat (poultry, cattle, pigs and sheep) our suppliers is able to meet the demands that are placed within the values ​​prevailing in the market. There are two ways of acting, according to each application and directing for suppliers that has an agreement with us. supplier buying and selling to our customer / end buyer or brokering the sale, just getting a commission. In the first case, maintaining a distribution in the final destination, the gains are more significant. To market in China can say that all existing plants are committed to production capacity and even having trouble meeting current customers, but still try some alternatives. As for other markets, we have good suppliers, all qualified for export and that can always be consulted.

6) microbrews already has composite price and any contact that is made directly with the brewery will be directed to AgriForte, its exclusive representative for export. Today the production capacity is 100,000 units month of various types, requiring up to 45 days of request for delivery of the product FOB Paranagua. I will attach the tables. We believe that for the market in the Caribbean and Latin America can be interesting being widespread the product of excellent quality. We are already in contact and being processed buying / selling to Russia, Lebanon and other Asian markets outside Latin America / Caribbean.

7) Frozen products - food service (corn broinha, cheese bread, chicken drumstick, codfish balls, kibe, ready several pasta, biscuit cheese pizzas various flavors among others) including Brazil do own brand to Walmart, Bread Sugar, Carrefour ... They have to supply both Halal certification and various other markets.

8) white corn and yellow (main) We can offer 1000 tons / month, 12-month contract in containers to any location, Non-GMO. Including those derived from corn for preparation of various products. That you are watching. In addition to this it is to lower shipments directly with producers able to meet other demands, but everything is set properly. We are including by Dopp to build storage silos, developing in the future in retro port area the possibility of a technical reserve to meet our regular customers, with storage of up to 7,000 tonnes per silo.

9) Tomato sauce, condiments generally ketchup, mustard, various snacks.

10) Freshwater fish that can be produced on a large scale and any kind of fish because we have an area of ​​100 million cubic meters of clear water to produce the top quality fish. Now produces 100 tons per month of fish Pintado / Surubim ready for export. We can not create Tilapia and Tucunaré for being offside in the Amazon Basin.

11) Açai fruit - Amazon typical in many products, ready for export. Today we export most of the production to the United States. We closed a very good agreement with the producer / exporter, which also already has FDA.

12) Fruit Juices - Grape, Orange and we are closing according to other types. We need to know the purchasing volume to be able to report prices.

13) Pepper

14) Coconut Milk

15) Cassava - closed according to Cassava Matheus, exclusively. Only exclude this agreement the company abroad (USA) that already buy from them, and from now on, even those who call them directly, will be directed to us.


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  • food
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  • palm hearts
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  • cookie cheese
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  • cod cookie
  • lasagna
  • drumstick
  • poultry
  • sugar
  • coffee

Company Type

  • Manufacturer
  • Trading Company
  • Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Business Service

Company Key Figures

  • 50-100 Employees
  • 10M - 50M Sales Turnover (USD)
  • 100% Export Sales
  • 2015
    Year Established

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