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About Us

Claudia Duartes name stands for a Brazilian jewel-brand combining craft with sinthetic, vintage with modern concepts.

Claudia Duarte worked for several years as a journalist and fashion consultant. In 1997, her fascination for shapes, colours and textures led her to create, a bit by chance, a bit for the fun of it, a new collection for a designer label in Rio de Janeiro. It was so succesful that, the following year, Claudia the fashion-journalist, created with her husband and partner, geologist Andre Gerber, a jewel-workshop. They haven stopped working succesfully in it since.
Claudias style is unique. Its an original blend of various materials with simple but modern design. The raw materials she uses are bone, mother-of-pearl, wood, seeds and Brazilian stones as well as resin and metal. Claudia works on them and mixes them all up, so as to create top-of-range fancy jewelery.

Her pieces are the result of a lot of imagination and research. Besides trips to various areas of Brazil, this process involves experimenting with new material and shapes, new textures and colours that will eventually be turned into necklaces, bracelets, earings and rings...
What differentiates Claudia Duartes craft from any other is the way she looks at things as a former fashion-journalist, that look imparting her creations an irresistible modern aspect.

Claudias handicraft-shop is located in an art deco building along Flamengo beach in Rio de Janeiro. She has representatives in several states of Brazil. Also she creates personnalised collections for brazilian labels and exports her creations to Portugal, France and Great Britain.
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  • 1998
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Clauarte Artesanatos E Bijuterias Ltda
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55 21 2237xxxx
PRAIA DO FLAMENGO, 187 SBL 101 - CENTRO - 20230192
RIO DE JANEIRO / Rio de Janeiro