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Flurida Group’s Parts Business Unit provides the core components solution mainly for the world famous home appliance brand enterprises, and the parts is developed by China-US engineer team with rich experience, and are manufactured in Chinese factories.

Flurida Group factory in China has first-class quality control, cost control and logistics control; Flurida Group products have reached the world's advanced level of technology; Flurida Group service team around the world provides customers with immediate, effective and first-class service.

Parts products mainly include:

Electronic parts as motors:
  • Ice maker
  • Ice & water dispensing system

Switch and wiring harness:
  1. Control parts as household refrigerators
  2. Washing machines
  3. Freezers, etc. 

Such mechanical structures as molds:
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Injection molding parts.

Flurida Group’s Finished Products Business Unit is mainly engaged in R&D.

Production and sales of:
  • Ice water machine 
  • Water filter
  • Air cleaner 
  • High-efficient oven
  • LED display and other series products.
The core parts of the products are developed and manufactured by Flurida Group’s Parts Business Unit.

Flurida Group’s Asian headquarters is located in Hong Kong, the manufacturing center in Qingdao, Chuzhou, Quanjiao in China, and the sales center in Shanghai, China.

If the product you want is not listed above, we can design and manufacture high quality products according to your specific needs. Please Contact Us

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