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Hubei Dongsheg Special Coating Techonoly Co. Ltd, has the main production in waterborne industrial anticorrosion, bridges steel structure with anticorrosion coatings. We undertake anticorrosion engineering and civil coatings of certain technological content..

Our Products are:

- Ink paint for waterborne environmental protection coatings
- Ink paint for waterborne anticorrosion
- Ink paint for waterborne (inside/outside) wall latex
- Ink paint for waterborne wood.
- Ink paint for special anticorrosive coatings like silicone
- Acrylic ink paint
- Alkyd ink paint
- Amino ink paint
- Ink paint for asphalt
- Epoxy ink paint
- Polyurethane ink paint
- Chlorinated Rubber ink paint

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Hubei Dongsheng Special Coating Technology Co., Ltd.
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Mr. YoKi Ye Deputy general manager