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About Us

IBT Group is a multinational group of companies that specialize in the development of public works and the integration of construction equipment projects for public institutions.

With proven experience, technical know-how, and financial backing, IBT has become an industry leader in the delivery of "turnkey" development and infrastructure projects in several countries around the globe.

IBT provides integrated services all under one roof, delivering finished, equipped, and "ready to operate" integrated development projects tailored for each individual client. From engineering, analysis, and design to large-scale construction and equipment deliveries, IBT offers a full range of services to deliver turnkey solutions.

With headquarters in Miami, Florida and local offices in various cities throughout the world, IBT and its subsidiaries develop integrated projects in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe in industries such as infrastructure, construction, healthcare, education, safety, telecommunications, and transportation.

IBT and its subsidiaries have an extensive portfolio of successfully completed public works projects and equipment requests in a variety of fields including hospitals, medical clinics, schools, universities, markets, sports complexes, police stations, water treatment facilities, bridges, and highways.
Our Mission

IBT Group is a company with values. With the end-user always in mind, we take special care to address all the details contained within every phase of an integrated development project.

IBT Group invests in social well-being. Around the world, our focus is on the potential positive impact that each project we develop has on the quality of life, social development, and natural environment of the surrounding local community. At IBT we take pride in knowing the projects we undertake create a positive impact in people\\s lives and well-being.

IBT Group propels local development. We are a source of employment in every one of the regions in which we operate, stimulating the local economy and providing support to local families. We supervise and train employees, using the local labor force to fill the majority of jobs generated for public works projects we undertake.

IBT Group delivers progress. Through a variety of health, educational, recreational, transportation, and agricultural projects, we bring progress to the local community in each of the countries that we operate in.

IBT Group protects the environment. With every project with carry out, our responsibility to protect the natural environment goes beyond the standard industry norms and regulations. At IBT, protecting the environment is out duty.

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  • infrastructure
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  • healthcare
  • education
  • safety
  • telecommunications
  • and transportation development of public works and the integration of construction equipment projects for public institutions
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