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About Us

A NANOX ® is headquartered in San Carlos, the state of São Paulo, distant 236 km from the state capital. Known to possess large academic centers and generating knowledge and research with 4 universities among them the USP (University of São Paulo) and UFSCAR (Federal University of São Carlos) and 2 more private universities. Famous in the exact sciences, specifically in engineering, where he was born was one of the largest national nanotechnology companies (connected to the branch of chemistry), the NANOX ®.
NANOX ® is a company that develops, produces and markets nanotechnology solutions for the industrial sector. Vision

Knowledge of nature in the service of life.

Mission To be recognized worldwide for expertise in developing and integrating nanostructured materials, providing innovative solutions to the industry .

History NANOX ® is the first and largest nanotechnology company in Brazil. 

See the chronology of facts below:

The classic model of innovation differs in NANOX ® by the company's unique ability to transform knowledge into useful nanotechnology solutions for improving the quality of life and competitiveness of businesses who adopt them.
The company has a highly skilled team that offers technical, scientific and marketing support that assists companies from initial ideation to commercialization of products.

Its physical structure is composed by a modern production with quality control, product development and technical support laboratories. Also has an area dedicated to new business, support of B2B marketing, competitive intelligence. 
Currently NANOX ® is a corporation governed by the latest rules on corporate governance, with high levels of management and transparency. 
NANOX ® has an organizational structure called Project Management Office (PMO) that provides centralized management of the portfolio of projects in nanotechnology, which seeks to support decision. 
Support design, training, consulting, resource management, implementation methodology and process standardization are some of the functions performed by the PMO.
Besides the methodological support, the PMO provides guidance (coaching) to executives and disseminates the culture of project management.
  • large academic centers
  • generating knowldedge
  • research with
  • high quality

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