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About Us

Founded in 1995 in Fujian Province Dehua Kun Heng Crafts Co., Ltd., located in China's three ancient porcelain are one of Dehua County Xun town Phoenix Hill Industrial Zone, is a production, development, trade as one of the self-employed Export company. 2006 through the national environmental management system ISO14001 and quality management system ISO9001. The main products: ceramics for daily use, ceramic gifts, Western crafts, advertising gifts, and so on. Production of ceramics, resins, bamboo, glass and other products, much customers of all ages. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions. 2007 to 2010, the company completed the sales output value of more than 8000 million, turned over to the state tax more than 974 million, earning more than 800 million dollars, many times by Dehua County, the county government's recognition.
Company covers an area of ​​45,000 square meters, 12 production workshop, the existing management and more than 500 workers, including ceramic senior technical personnel more than 20 people, Dehua traditional craft master 8, ceramic guest professor 2. 2010 investment of more than 1000 million from Japan to introduce the automated production line. Put into operation after the new output value of 80 million yuan, an increase of 2 million yuan tax.
In order to increase the development of ceramic culture and creative industries, in 2006 the company invested more than 500 million yuan to set up Fujian Province Dehua County Fengzhu Tang Ceramics Culture and Art Institute, specializing in cultural and creative activities of ceramic technology research work, has issued more than 800 Ceramic crafts and more than 300 kinds of glaze formula. A strong R & D team for the development of the company provides a strong guarantee. Institute developed a series of works of art, elegant style, craft Kit Kat, both uphold the porcelain are Dehua traditional craftsmanship, but also into the modern skills. On behalf of the works: Chinese red, Tianmu glaze treasures bright red gorgeous, modeling Yongrong Huagui; kiln glaze, crystal glaze boutique after more than 1,300 degrees high temperature melting, different styles, thousands of kiln a treasure; shadow works, delicate and realistic, portrayed characters, flowers Vivid, with the beauty of the United States and the interpretation of Feng Zhu Tang porcelain art style. In 2003, the company's product "Tianmu glaze" won the Fujian Provincial Invention Innovation Award; 2004, storage tank (text) tea won the Quanzhou City Patent Excellence Award (Patent No. ZL0331228.8); 2006, the company was identified as "Quanzhou City of enterprises 2006. 8 - - 2008. 6 years of patent pilot units .2010 creation of the ceramic "pearl dance": dancers wearing grass ring, barefoot, bare upper body, head wearing a special shape of the grass hoop, upwards Like the head of the snake like the top, like the snake of the voice of the works of different shapes lifelike, and some high, excited more feet; some hands hard to chest, ribs, the body was transparent; some soothing and smooth; The work in the ninth national ceramic art design innovation award in the silver award .2010 creation of the ceramic works "mountains and rivers to find the sound of the sound" Won the China Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award for Best Works Award for Best Creative Award. The company in 2008 to become Dehua Ceramic Vocational and Technical College practice training base. Institute in 2010 received a total of more than 1,000 people .
Company chairman Ke Guzhen in 2009 was honored Dehua County, the fifth Association of ceramic industry; in 2010 by the Xiamen City Artists Association Ceramic Art Committee executive director.

Company Type

  • Manufacturer

Company Key Figures

  • 100-200 Employees
  • 2M - 10M Sales Turnover (USD)
  • 10% Export Sales
  • 1998
    Year Established

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