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Why Your Company Needs
a Modern Website?

Your website is the online business card of your company and one of the primary research channels for potential buyers to learn about your products and services. Having a digital presence is essential for increasing visibility and sales for any type of business.

The internet allows your company to be present worldwide and do business with people from various countries. Having a high-quality website instills confidence in people and influences purchasing decisions.

Brazilian exports are growing; your company needs to communicate in the language of your buyers.

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Around 3 billion people use the internet.

This accounts for 50% of the global population.

In Brazil, 70% of the population is already online.

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Key Advantages of a Website

Showcase your brand as a modern storefront 24/7.

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Strengthening Your Brand in the Virtual World

Being present on the internet with an exclusive page for your company ensures visibility, increased business opportunities, and brand recognition without additional costs.

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Your Company Online 24/7

You can showcase and even sell your products and services anytime and anywhere in the world. This gives you the opportunity for potential customers to find you at any moment.

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Opportunity to Attract New Customers

Your current customers already know your company, but there is a much larger number of potential customers who are online and have not yet encountered your business. A modern and optimized website will help you attract these new customers, conveying appropriate information and reaching your target audience quickly and effectively.

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Create Your Website
with B2Brazil!

Ensure a well-structured website with a concrete purpose for your company, developed by a specialized team from Brazil's leading B2B business portal. We have clients and users from over 200 countries on our platform and ample experience to create your website for promotion in Brazil and around the world.

Get your company on the internet, achieve positive results, and stand out among your competitors.

Our Advantages Request Your Website
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See How We Assist
in Creating Your Website

Layout Moderno

Modern Layout

A modern, attractive, professional, and customized website tailored to your needs.

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PCs, Tablets, and Mobiles

We create a responsive design to ensure your site is suitable for all types of devices.

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Sponsored Links

Promote your site with personalized digital campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

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SEO - Site Optimization

Your website is optimized for better performance on major search engines.

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Multilingual Platform

Have your website in one or more languages, such as Portuguese, Spanish, English, Mandarin, and others.

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Your site can be hosted with your provider or on B2Brazil's dedicated server.

Why Build Your
Website with B2Brazil?

Discover our unique features to make your company stand out even more in the market!


Best Cost-Effectiveness in the Market

Prices are customized according to your needs.


Integration with B2Brazil Portal

We promote your company on Brazil's largest B2B business portal. Plus, you get a distinctive profile on our portal!


Experience in the Global B2B Market

We've helped nearly 50,000 companies promote their products and services and conduct business worldwide. We can help your company too.

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