How It Works?

The essential platform for importers and exporters to do business.

Our solutions help thousands of companies worldwide connect and conduct business. No matter where your company stands, we have solutions tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to assist micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in conducting international business, whether to find new suppliers or expand into new markets.

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  • For Those Who Need to Import Import

  • For Those Who Need to Import Import

  • For Those
    Who Need to Export

    We have the essential tools to promote your company in the international market so that
    importers worldwide can access your products.

    Online Showcase

    A showcase to promote your company and products worldwide in 4 languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin).

    5 Products

    Free accounts can add up to 5 products to their showcase.

    3 Credits

    Credits are used to respond to quotation requests. As a free company, you are entitled to 3 credits to test the platform.

    1 Sales Offer

    Sales Offers are a proactive and efficient way to reach potential buyers.

  • For Those
    Who Need to Import

    Through our platform, your company will find and do business with international suppliers for free. As an importer, you can send your quotation requests to our supplier base. And when you need it, we have solutions to assist your company throughout the import process:

    International Freight

    Through B2B Freight, our freight platform, we offer competitive air and sea freight rates with a team of experts ready to assist you.

    Online Currency Exchange

    Easy and digital currency exchange. With Cambio Mais, our foreign exchange solution for international trade.


    We expedite your process of searching and validating international products and suppliers. We put our professionals with years of experience in international trade to work on the entire sourcing process.

    Regulatory Process

    We assist in the entire regulatory process for your imports to enter the country.

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Our mission is to make life easier for importers and exporters, and for that, we have
various solutions to help your company in all these processes:

Online Currency Exchange

When doing international business, your company will need to close a currency exchange operation.

Cambio Mais is our digital solution for quoting and closing currency exchange, all in an easy and fast way!

International Freight

Need air or sea freight easily?

B2B Freight is our international freight quoting and booking platform designed to streamline your company's operations.


Finding international suppliers is not a simple task; it requires investing a good amount of time in negotiation and supplier validation.

Our sourcing solutions put our professionals to work helping you through this entire process.

Regulatory Processes

Depending on your industry, you may need to go through quite bureaucratic processes to legalize your company and products in the international market.

Through B2B Trade Center, we handle regulatory processes (FDA, TTB, Label Adaptation, Radar, etc.) for your company in international trade.

Frequently Asked Questions about
our platform

  • After I register, what next?

    After you successfully register, you will be taken to your account Dashboard. Your account Dashboard is where you can control all aspects of your membership, your presentation on B2Brazil, and where you can utilize B2Brazil to do business from posting leads, to reviewing leads, to responding to messages. You will have multiple options depending on whether you are a Buyer or Seller, and should start with adding information about yourself, your company and your products (if you are a Seller). The center area in your Dashboard shows your progress in taking advantage of our services. As you complete information about yourself, your company and your products, you will be able to see your progress. You can also track the number of leads you have received and number you have read. Finally, you can read and respond to messages.

  • How can I search Supplier/ Product / Service Provider at B2Brazil?

    B2Brazil promotes global suppliers, Brazilian suppliers and Brazilian services providers, the latter for you to hire to help you do business in Brazil. Type the company name / product / service in the search text box, then click Search button.

  • How can I trust the companies that contact me?

    Once you receive a contact, you can reply directly to the Seller through our email system. If you somehow misplace the email, you can retrieve old emails in your Dashboard area after logging in. Premium Members and B2B Verified companies have gone through a verification process that minimizes trading risks. B2Brazil also offers, throughout its partners, customized inspection services in order to reduce trading risks. Remember to take a look at our B2B Safe Practices for some information on how to contact and transact safely.

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