How Does It Work?

The essential foreign trade platform for importers
and exporters!

Our foreign trade solutions help thousands of businesses around the world promote, connect, negotiate and transact. No matter the size of your company, we have international trade solutions that adapt to your requirements.

Our goal is to help micro, small, and medium-sized businesses engage in international business, whether it's finding new suppliers or opening up new markets to sell

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  • Export

    We offer essential tools to promote your company and products globally to
    buyers and our platform’s algorithm connects you to relevant buyers

    Online Showcase

    With over 230,000 registered companies, your products will be showcased worldwide in 4 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin.

    5 Products

    By registering for free on our platform, you can add up to 5 products, creating online sales promotions that will be seen by Global buyers.

    3 Credits

    We work with a credits modelfor sellers to access and reply to buyer leads. To respond to a buyer's message (i.e., lead), you need to use 1 credit. When you register for free, we will grant 3 credits so you can access the buyer’s information and respond to requests for quotes, to start your international negotiations and learn about use our platform.

    1 Sales Offer

    Another tool used by sellers is the Sales Offer tool, wich is a proactive and efficient way to approach potential buyers. You create a sell offer of your product(s) with your sale conditions, and our platform sends it to our base of relevant buyers.

  • For those who
    want to import

    With our platform, your company will find and do business with international suppliers for free! That’s right – no charge!
    As an buyer, you can send your purchase requests (i.e., RFQs) to our base of relevant sellers and receive multiple proposals to analyze.
    negotiated a deal? Not do worry! We have complete trade solutions to help you make it happen from start to finish:


    With thousands of registered and verified suppliers, you can create your buyer company profile to connect and initiate negotiations with platform sellers .


    It is important that your company profile is complete and contains relevant information so that exporters feel more confident in doing business with you!


    Another tool used by buyers is the purchase request, a proactive and efficient way to approach potential suppliers. You create a purchase request (RFQ) with your conditions and requirements, and our plataform sends it to our base of relevant sellers.


    After doing business with an exporter, you can evaluate them, helping other buyers by sharing your experience. This transparency strengthens the community effect of our platform for both buyers and sellers alike.

Free Registration
It's easy to find the best international suppliers!

Browse and search companies, products and leads to easily find the best international suppliers


Register your company's information

Register quickly - after a few steps-o be able to optimize use of the platform’s tools and algorithm. Registration is Free!


Import, export, or both?

Set up your company's profile to buy, sell or do both, according to your needs.


Start doing business

After registration is complete, you’re all set to use the platform to connect to other companies and receive sales offers and/or purchase requests

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Platform

  • I've successfully registered, what's next?

    After completing registration, you will access your account dashboard, where you can manage all the information about your company and your products, and your online presentation that is publicly available. Depending on whether you are a buyer or seller, you will have various options, and you should start by adding information about yourself, your company, and your products (if you are a seller). Your dashboard contains indicators to show you shows your progress in completing your online profile. The Negotiation Central area is where you can access, read and respond to messages, requests and offers, and your dashboard reports activity statistics that track the business contacts.

  • How do I find suppliers/products/service providers on B2Brazil?

    The platform brings together product suppliers and services providers from around the world to help you do business . To search for a product or a specific company, simply type the product or company name in the search bar and click the search button. You can also browse various product and service categories and subcategories on our platform to find what you need.

  • How do I trust the companies contacting my company?

    After receiving contacts, you can access the pages of potential partners to see their detailed information. premium members and companies that have already been “B2B Vverified” are identified, which gives more credibility. Our platform validates phone numbers and email addresses and indicates those that have been successfully validated. Even with these validations, it is a good practice to search for the other party on the internet and use information available on social media, and to even obtain a company background check. Remember to check our <a href="">B2B Safety Practices</a> for more information on safe transactions.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQs area.