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The economy of Colombia is the fourth largest in Latin America as measured by gross domestic product. Colombia has experienced a historic economic boom over the last decade. Throughout the 20th century, Colombia was Latin America's 4th and 3rd largest economy when measured by Real GDP at chained PPPs. Between 2012-2014, it became the 3th largest economy in Latin America by nominal GDP. As of 2018, the GDP (PPP) per capita has increased to over US$14,000, and Real GDP at chained PPPs increased from US$250 billion in 1990 to nearly US$800 billion.

Petroleum is Colombia's main export, representing over 45% of Colombia's exports. Manufacturing represents nearly 12% of Colombia's exports, and grows at a rate of over 10% a year. Colombia has the fastest growing information technology industry in the world, and has the longest fibre optic network in Latin America. Colombia also has one of the largest shipbuilding industries in the world outside Asia.

Modern industries like shipbuilding, electronics, automobile, tourism, construction, and mining, grew dramatically during the 2000s and 2010s.  Colombia is Latin America's 2nd-largest producer of domestically-made electronics and appliances, following Mexico. Colombia had the fastest-growing major economy in the western world in 2014, behind only China worldwide. Since the early 2010s, the Colombian government has shown interest in exporting modern Colombian pop culture to the world (which includes video games, music, films, television shows, fashion, cosmetics, and food) as a way of diversifying the economy and entirely changing the image of Colombia. Colombia is also already a regional leader in cosmetic and beauty exports.

Many companies use B2Colombia to find products from qualified and verified Colombian suppliers. Since there are thousands of Colombian suppliers using our platform to do business with importers, we decided to launch this initiative to verify some of these suppliers and help in this process of finding a good commercial partner in Colombia. Still, before doing business with these companies, we advise that a more detailed process of verification and due diligence be undertaken to minimize business risks. Any questions in this process, our support team will be available.

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