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Colombia's main export is agri-food products, such as edible fruits. In terms of value, 34.6% of the total is for bananas, avocados and gulupa. The other important products are fats and oils and sugar.The country's self-sufficiency index is positive. In the past few years, the country has imported a wide variety of food products, including cereals, dairy products, frozen fish, and fruit.

The US, the Netherlands, and Belgium are the main buyers of Colombian products. Exports to Brazil, however, grew significantly last year due to the country's improving economy. As for manufactured goods and other food products, the president of Colombia Productiva, Camilo Fernández de Soto, stated that “in addition to exports, these food categories can grow in local production and sales. In Colombia, only 42 kilos of cookies, oils or butter, and snacks are consumed per capita each year"
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