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The Powerful Lingerie Market
The hot segment is about to become one of the great powers of the global economy
The beginning of the decade was marked by a great revolution in the intimate fashion market, since the products of this segment were no longer just common utensils and became something bigger that not only represents the identity of the hundreds of forms of the female body but also its power. This market has increasingly opened its vision with the objective of reaching all the publics that exist today, so it is not surprising that its rapid recovery accompanied by a great expectation of growth by its investors.

Small entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business have great opportunities in the intimate fashion industry, as it is an area with multiple niches. The lingerie market is able to attend to different publics, considering the existence of a series of customized models, that attend to different tastes and pockets.

According to the IEMI, between 2014 and 2017, women are buying less lingerie, but more often and spending more. And the main consumer group is class B and C, which corresponds to 62% of the population and 70% of clothing consumption.

Unlike other areas of the market, the intimate fashion sector will not be affected by the Brazilian crisis. This year, the market has grown and resumed pre-crisis production levels. In 2019, manufacturing also predicts the reach of the highest index of the last four years.

Brazil produces two million tons of intimate fashion per year, which represents 2% of the world's total production, according to the IEMI, being the fifth largest textile producer in the world behind China, India, the United States and Pakistan, and the fourth largest global apparel producer.

Looking at a market that moves no less than US $ 30 billion a year, Brazilian companies in this segment can breathe a sigh of relief because at a time of constant financial crisis the intimate fashion market is a world of opportunities and growth.
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