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The history of Juruaia as a lingerie market - Where it all began
The history of Juruaia (MG) with its famous lingeries began more than 20 years ago. One of the biggest poles of the intimate fashion of Brazil began to be born with the opening of the first confections in the 90's. Since then, a lot has changed. From the beginning, with homemade and small-scale production pieces, to today's sophisticated products, the fame of the city grew, crossed borders and took its name to countries like Portugal, Australia and Holland. Today, Juruaia lingeries are sold in more than 10 countries. Among the various entrepreneurs who bet on the sector is Rosana Aparecida Marques, 54 years old. Born and raised by the merchant parents in a small town in south of Minas Gerais, Rosana worked in other areas before plunging on the new business. She graduated as a teacher, but realized that the trade was where she should invest. When she decided to open her own lingerie shop in 1994, she followed only her instinct - the success of Juruaia's clothing parts only came true years later. Two employees and a small shed marked the beginning of their project.

Over the years, more employees have come and gained experience. Over time, more than 20 former employees have decided to start their own businesses, supported by the businesswoman. "My thinking was that the growth of Juruaia depended on the increase in the number of stores. It needed to have many confections to attract people from other cities". Rosana was one of the founders of ACIJU - Juruaia Commercial and Industrial Association and Felinju - Fashion and Lingerie of Juruaia, which in 2017 reaches its 20th edition. After years of work, the brand of the businesswoman today has more than 90 employees who produce between 60 and 70 thousand pieces per month. Its products are displayed in the official store, which has about 800 thousand square meters. For her entrepreneurial actions, Rosana has already received several awards and was cited as one of the country's largest entrepreneurs in several publications. She was also appointed as financial director of the National Council of Business Women in Brasilia.

The dream abroad:

It was in 2000 that Rosana began to think of ways to make the brand gain new territories. With a simple process, it began selling its clothing parts to customers in the United States, Bolivia, Italy, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Dubai and Chile. In 2006, came the interest in the international fashion fairs abroad. That's when he began attending events in France, the United States and Colombia. Initially, the intention was to follow trends. The dream took shape and, in 2016, the internationalization process began when the company won an internal department to deal with this issue. Besides the sensuality, so sought after by foreigners in the lingeries manufactured in Brazil, the color and the variety of the pieces also call attention. 


FELINJU - Fashion and Lingerie of Juruaia - arrives in its 20th edition in 2017. Between April 29 and May 1, Expo Juruaia Expo Center opens space for more than 70 exhibitors and expects to receive about 30 thousand visitors. Organized by ACIJU - Commercial and Industrial Association of Juruaia, the fair has a growth of 20% in turnover per year. In 2016, there were over R $ 15 million in sales. The city located on the south of Minas Gerais, responsible for 15% of the national production of lingerie and 3rd pole in the sector, produces about 20 million pieces per year. With 95% of the companies headed by women, Juruaia owns the highest per capita income in the south of Minas Gerais.
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