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best natural brazilian honey directly from the producer in two types:
organic honey and creamy organic honey
- minimum order: 1200 units -

Offering nutritious, high quality organic honey.

Our honey contains Vitamins (B, B1, B2, B5, B6, etc.), Mineral salts (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc.), and is a natural and healthy alternative to industrialized, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Brazil's flowering plants are famous throughout the world and produce diverse honey products.

Our Wild Honey is a high quality honey. We work with carefully selected beekeepers and partners who observe strict national and international quality standards.

Organic Honey

Produced in areas of vegetation free of contaminating agents, duly certified by internationally recognized certifying companies. Honey free of pesticides and produced in harmony with the environment. We have 300g jars and also bulk honey in 25kg drum.
This product has USDA ORGANIC certification.

Creamy Organic Honey

Innovative product that, through a sophisticated process of controlled crystallization, retains all the nutritional properties of the usual organic honey, adding the differential of a wonderful and exquisite creamy consistency. We have 300g jars and also bulk honey in 25kg drum.
This product has USDA ORGANIC certification.

Honey with Private Label

We offer our customers the ability to label the honey products with your own brand. Contact us and learn how to insert your brand in our high quality products.
Minimum quantity: 1200 units.


Brazil is a country with immensely diverse flora. Due to this, 12 different types of propolis have already been cataloged in the country. But of this diversity, a special type stands out: the green propolis, produced in the state of Minas Gerais.

This biodiversity is also present in the offer of honey with diversified flowering that goes from the traditional eucalyptus to the most exotic like orange, coffee, angico, and mint.

For more than 20 years, the Shimizu family is dedicated to promote this treasures in the international market. The company starter Green Propolis exportation to Japan in 1994 and now has clients in Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Canada and South Korea attending customers of the food, pharmaceutical, and phototherapeutic segments.

Bioessens has established itself as a reliable reference in the supply of propolis and honey through rigorous quality controls that guarantee the freshness and purity of the products. Each product is analyzed by sampling in laboratories where physicochemical and biological parameters are verified, measuring quantities of biomarkers as required.

Contribute to the well-being and quality of people lives around the world, through the commercialization and supply of natural and herbal products, establishing strong and lasting relationships of trust with our customers, suppliers, and partners, observing the commitment of practices of sustainable processes and respect with the environment.

Our goal is to be recognized as the most reliable brand and company in the propolis, honey and herbal products supply, emphasizing the transparency of relationships and business practices that are healthy and beneficial to all involved in the process.

Create strong relationships of trust with customers and suppliers and partners.
Prioritize efforts so that all stages of production, marketing and distribution are guided by ethics, transparency and respect for all those involved in the process.
Provide products of natural origin, without prejudice to the environment, seeking total quality.
Use all necessary technology in the manufacture of products, in order to guarantee effectiveness and safety for health and well-being of the consumer.