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Chenyue (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd.

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Chenyue (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation:CHENYUE TECH), since the establishment of the reducer worm gearbox mold factory in 1993,to the establishment of scientific and technological innovation CHENYUE TECH in 2023. After 30 years of technology research and the precipitation of manufacturing experience,in the field of high-accuracy repetitive positioning and high-precision indexing and other intelligent industrial control, it has become the world's leading speed reducer system solution provider and professional manufacturer of high-quality precision reducers. CHENYUE TECH owns two R&D and manufacturing bases in Taizhou Zhejiang and Shuyang Jiangsu, and has comprehensively built a TMTS development system integrating Technology,Manufacture,Trading and Service. Relying on the professional team's R&D design,demanding and rigorous testing equipment and high-precision manufacturing process. Our company owns more than 50 invention patents, utility model patents and design patents at home and abroad, and possesses the three system certifications of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Health & Safety System, CE and ROHS EU environmental protection certification and other European & American certification.Our business covers more than 40 countries and regions all over the world. The company's six series CYRV, CYVF, CYRW, CYWF, CYCM, CYPC, including more than 2,000 kinds of products,of which CYCM series is specially designed for servo motors (C1, C2, CR, 2C, ASL, ASR, HIH0) covering the whole industry. Adopting orthogonal high-precision worm gears, the backlash can be adjusted to 0.5-2 arc minutes, realizing the multiplication of transmission precision. Selection of high-quality tin bronze material, built-in fully synthetic lubricant, with small size, high efficiency, low noise, low temperature rise, maintenance-free and other characteristics. The company will lead the transmission industry with continuous technological innovation, adhering to the principle of "sticking to the belief that products are safe, environmental and high-quality, always beyond customer expectations". We cherish the trust relationship with the community, customers, shareholders, partners and co-workers, and continue to create indispensable value in people's lives. We firmly believe in the determination of "always pursuing higher quality, constantly promoting change and innovation", implementing the duty of industrialists and social responsibility of entrepreneurs, and will jointly develop a “better future” with win-win cooperation.

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  • Southwest Asia
  • Western Europe

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Chenyue (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • map-marker 宿迁市 / 江苏省 | China
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