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Banco do Brasil
Banco do Brasil

B2Brazil has an exclusive agreement with Banco do Brasil (BB) to promote BB's clients in the global market. Companies that present the BB icon are part of this important partnership that helps Brazilian SME's to access new markets.

Banco do Brasil S.A. (BB) is the largest financial institution in Latin America with 58.6 million clients and 15.1 thousand points of service in 3.1 thousand cities and 24 countries and it serves every segment of the financial market.

Throughout its 205 years of existence, the first bank to operate in Brazil has collected stories of pioneer actions and leadership. It was the first one to go public; to launch multiple function cards; to offer mobile banking services; to commit to Corporate Agenda 21 and to adhere to the Equator Principles. Today, it is the leader in assets, total deposits, export exchange, asset management, loan portfolio, account holders, distribution network in Brazil and more.

These conquests are the result of investments in technology, the training of 114 thousand employees, its market segmentation strategy, specialized service and constant search for efficiency. All this, together with the company’s tradition, has made Banco do Brasil an agile, modern and competitive organization with the capacity to serve the most diverse business demands of Brazil.  

With operations in 139 countries, physically present in 24 of them, and the others through 1,128 correspondent banks, BB is positioned as the Brazilian bank with the largest proprietary overseas network and these operations are driven by three factors: the existence of Brazilian communities, the internationalization of domestic companies and the expansion of trade relations between Brazil and the world. 


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Cosmetics And Personal Hygiene Products For Hotels, Hospitals, Airlines, Ships, Etc.

Cosmetics And Personal Hygiene Products For Hotels, Hospitals, Airlines, Ships, Etc.

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We produce cosmetics, personal hygiene amd other products for resorts, hospitals, advertising agencies, airlines companies, and transatlantic boats.

Raw materials used in our products are extracted from nature. The image of your company will be elegantly engraved in the memory of their customers.

Our lines include the following:

  • Lierre Line: The taste for nature. In our immediate delivery, a line that celebrates the bath, the sea, nature. For establishments that do not yet have a logo set and intend to offer your guests the products of uncompromising quality, combined with an elegant presentation, without having to worry about quantities and delivery times.
  • Hospital line: Our kits are handled with hygiene and protection, that his patients wait in the emergency rehabilitation of health

    The company is recognized by its high quality products, modernity, innovation, and commitment to results. Hidratage Professional Line has got a successful receptivity throughout Brazil.

    In 2003, Conforto Cosmetics was rewarded with the I. Q. S. Quality Brasil prize, and in 2005 got the Quality Mercosul The Common Market of South prize as a result of the quality of its products. Conforto Cosmetics is always deeply concerned about offering to market new products, of professional and consumer interests.

    • Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products for Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Airlines
    • Ships
    • Etc.

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