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Whole Chicken Supplier
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We are a distribution company and chicken supplier completely aligned to the best in food trade. With many years in trading experience, in constant evolution and growth, we never stop taking care of each client in a particular and personalized manner, regardless the size of their company. We truly believe that a successful company can never let aside quality commitment in assisting customers and excellence in their products.

Today we own a food distribution center with our own transportation, what makes delivers a lot faster. A call center with qualified and well trained professionals to better support you. We also have the concern and commitment to grow without ever let aside the proximity with our clients and always envision what is best for our collaborators.

FRANGO MAIS ALIMENTOS own vehicles with refrigeration equipment completely suitable for the transportation of perishable food, including frozen chicken, what allows our products to be send in the most secure way, guaranteeing quality throughout the whole supplying process.


- Whole chicken
- Frozen chicken carcass

- Chicken thighs
- Chicken breast 
- Chicken wings
- Chicken gizzard
- Chicken giblets
- Chicken feet
- Chicken neck
- Chicken tenderloin / Chicken fillet
- Chicken drumsticks

Poultry supplier respecting the highest hygiene standards of current brazilian legislation throughout the whole packaging and tranportation process. All products come from preoperly refrigerated CIF suppliers and logistics, always ensuring good quality.

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MEQSO Frango Comercio de Produtos Alimentícios
R. Prof. Laerte Ramos de Carvalho
Jundiaí / SP
55 11 3446xxxx
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