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About Us

Specialist in Air/Water Filters for Various Applications

Founded in 2006 and as an ISO 9001:2008-certified enterprise, GE Technology is a specialist in air/water filters with activated carbon and nano-silver sputtering. We develop advanced activated carbon filters for consumer, automobile and industrial applications, especially the chemical filters for Airborne Molecular Contamination control in semiconductor industry. We also have particle/bag/HEPA/ULPA filters, carbon filters, sterile filters & composite filters for IAQ usage. We offer trusted technology and products with certified performance.

Our Vision
- Our Technology Advances Every Company
- Our Products Enhance Every Home
- Our Innovation Improves Every Life

Our Mission
- The Trusted Technology and Certified Product Provider

Our Advantages

• Certified (third-party) product performance
• Large production capacity
• Broad product portfolios
• High quality and flexibility
• In-house and university-allied labs for quality control & performance certification

Product Portfolios
•ChemSorb Chemical Filters (Pleated): Extended Surface (Box) Type, Mini-Pleat 4V Type, Mini-Pleat Panel Type (Removal of MA, MB, MC, MD & Ozone)
•ChemSorb Chemical Filters (Foam): 6/5/4V Type, Panel Type (Removal of MA, M B, MC, MD & Ozone)
•Multi-functional Filters: Filtration of Particles, Odors (Acid/Base/VOC) & Bacteria
•High-Efficiency Air Clean Filters: Consumer and Industrial-strength (Removal of MA, MB, MC, MD, Ozone & Mercury vapors)
•Acid-removing respirators (low breath resistance), Activated Carbon Facemasks, Anti-bacterial Facemasks
• Acid-removing Activated Carbon Cloth, Activated Carbon Nonwoven for Facemask Applications
•Odorsorb Carbon Blocks, Multi-Functional Odorsorb Carbon Blocks
•Cabin Air Filters, Anti-bacterial Cabin Air Filters (Carbon)
•Air Filters for Oven (240C), Painting Booth & Outdoor Air Filtration
• ActiFelt Activated Carbon Nonwoven, ActiLace Activated Carbon Cloth
•Activated Carbon Filters: For Odor Removal in Industries & Restaurants (Kitchen)
•Anti-bacterial IAQ Air Filters(Optional with Activated Carbon)
•Pre-Filters, Bag Filters, HEPA Filters (Appliance and CleanRoom Applications)
•Water Filters (KX CTO inside & Anti-bacterial Sputtered), Low Pressure Activated Carbon Water Filters
•Multi-Functional Insoles: Anti-bacteria, Odor Adsorption & Anti-slippery

Company Certifications
•ISO 9001:2008
•Factory Registration: 67000600
•DUNS: 65-882-5638

Inquire Today
Through our hard work, we have always been on the forefront of clean technology product innovation. We are a Green Partner you can rely on. Contact us today for more information!

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  • 10-50 Employees
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  • 2006
    Year Established

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