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Our group companies are all located in the hometown of Chinese garlic - Mamiao Town, Jinxiang County, which is the old planting region of garlic, and the only producing area of white garlic. The garlic is of superior quality, and has various export trade enterprises. Therefore, both the processing and storage conditions are better than those of surrounding area. 

Meanwhile, with the Provincial Highway 346 passing through, which leads to convenient transportation, this town is the best place for clients engaged in garlic trade. By virtue of abundant agricultural products, advantageous traffic condition, favorable geographic position and labor resource of high quality, the Company has become the “Municipal Leading Enterp-rise”, integrating agricultural sideline products plantation, purchase, processing, cold storage and preservation and export.

It has 15,000 tons of annual storage volume and the strong storage ability ensures the operation of export company At the same time, the Company sets out various storage management plans for clients and this eliminates their worries. The professional international trade group and skilled business process provide clients efficient and fast service, which will be the most convenient and trusting for them. The products find a good sale abroad in a dozen of countries and regions including South America, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. The superior products and services are well received and trusted!

We always keep the faith that “Quality is the root of enterprise development; integrity is the source of enterprise development; and service and win-win development are the base of cooperation”. As the Longchenger, we are “united, aggressive, practical and hospitable”. You will believe that choosing us means choose success and satisfaction. Sincerely look forward to your presence!



White garlic: Commonly known as big white, the cortex of garlic clove is white, beautiful appearance. The white garlic has relatively lighter spicy taste, and is cold-resistant and storable. The young garlic shoot is long, thin and tastes good. The specifications of products are 4.5 cm, 5.0 cm, 5.5 cm and 6.0 cm, and can be provided all year around with mesh bags.

Red garlic: the cortex of garlic clove is purple red, with few and abundant cloves, strong spicy taste and good quality. New garlic of 2016, all produced in Jinxiang, Shandong, is world-renowned by its high content of allicin, moderate spicy taste and smooth taste. The specifications of products are 4.5cm, 5.0cm, 5.5cm and 6.0cm, and can be provided all year around with mesh bags, which can becustom-made according to clients’ requirements.

Chili: handpicked chilli of high quality export, has abundant vitamin C and carotene (vitamin A precursor). However, the contents of these two vitamins in yellow chilli and particularly green chilli (generally immature fruit) are relatively lower. In addition, chilli also has a variety of vitamin B (especially vitamin B6) with elements includingkalium, magnesium and iron.

Carrot: With mass vitamins, have the reputation of being underground “Ginseng”, good helper in kitchen, packed in 10 KG carton. As an umbrella-type biennial herbaceous plant, the root of meat quality of carrot is eaten as vegetable. There are several planting regions of carrot, which can market fresh carrots in different time.

Dried ginger: By air drying after washing, fresh ginger becomes dried ginger. The dried ginger is packed after washing and air drying for 36 hours in air drying workshop or in the sunlight till the surface is dried. Suitable for regions that have relatively longer shipping period. The cost is higher than that of fresh ginger.

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