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Transportation & Vehicles
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Ciberk compressor electromagnetism clutch

Ciberk compressor electromagnetism clutch

Unit Price:

Not informed

FOB Price:

USD 138,00

Minimum Order Quantity:

20 Set/Sets

Type of Payment:

L/C (Letter of Credit) T/T (Wire Transfer)

Preferred Port:

Not informed


Ciberk compressor electromagnetism clutch:

1. The all-year round stable engine operating temperature makes the engine not too cold

2. This can reduce engine wear, maintenance costs and prolong engine life

3. With a higher cooling efficiency than that of silicon oil clutch; can reduce the fuel consumed by cooling (saving 4% to 5% fuel summer, 8% to 10% fuel in winter)

4. With optimum efficiency through precise fan control

5. To reduce waste emissions; can increase heating power by 10 ~ 15℃

6. To have higher thermal power with high preheating temperature

7. To effectively reduce noise.

According to expert estimates, if a 40-seat bus runs 1,000 kilometers per day and the fuel consumption is 30 liters per 100 kilometers. The oil price is 6 Yuan per liter and it runs 360 days. Based on 5% of saving rate, the bus will save 32,000 Yuan every year. Based on 10% of saving rate, the bus will save 60,000 Yuan every year. If the temperature control clutch supporting is used for heavy duty trucks and construction vehicles, then it will save 100,000 Yuan of fuel cost each year per vehicle.


Rated voltage: 24V

Rated current: 2.4A-2.7A

Rated power: 60W

Static torque: 400NM

Maximum speed: 4000R.P.M

The product is applicable to Hispacold

Product Maintenance:

Lubrication: lubricant should often be added to the movable portion of electromagnetic brake.

Adjustable gap: If you replace the worn brake surfaces, then you should re-adjust the minimum clearance between the brake surface and the turntable.

Check wear and dirt: regularly inspect mechanical wear of moving parts and remove dust, hair and dirt from the surface of the electromagnet parts.

  • Air conditioning clutch
  • clutch
  • electromagnetic clutch
  • compressor clutch

Production Capacity:



Not informed

Delivery Timeframe:

Depends on Size of Order

Packaging Details:

Packed in Carton

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