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Water Soluble Bag

Water Soluble Bag

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1, low-temperature water-soluble bags (water-soluble at room temperature), for pesticides, water-soluble dyes, Water treatment agents, Engineering fibers, Water quality improver, cement additives, cleaning supplies, agricultural seeds and other products packaging; 2. PVA water-soluble fishing bag; The bait is packed in a bag, the hook is hidden in the bait, it is not easy to can also process any width or length of the drum bag, can be punched in the bag surface and with water soluble line, etc. 3, PVA pet manure bag, put the pet excrement into it, throw into the toilet to wash away or throw into the rubbish bucket, convenient and practical, whether at home or outside to walk the dog can be used, there are green, red, blue and other colors to choose from; 4 PVA water-soluble belt, used for strapping bag mouth, width 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, length can be arbitrarily cut; 5, gap filler PVA water-soluble bag, used for highway, bridge, building gap filler packaging, water-soluble bag specifications: width of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and so on, the length of any production, filling agent into the water-soluble bag, plug into the road, bridge, building cracks, into the water, water-soluble bags quickly dissolved, filling agent solidification, thereby playing a solid road, bridge Role. 6, PVA high-temperature water-soluble bags for apparel, advanced textiles, electronics, Electrical products packaging, the use of all transparent high-temperature water-soluble film production, packaging cushion cushion, books, paper protection film, wigs, food, Cosmetics and other Products. All transparent high-temperature water-soluble bags, gloss, without static electricity, can beautify the appearance of the package items, improve product Value. High-temperature water-soluble membrane also has a barrier to the gas, can block the air in the N2 to avoid yellowing of the textile, to maintain the original color, but also to absorb the formaldehyde in textiles, after use can be put into 80 degrees above the water temperature dissolved, so high-temperature water-soluble bags are textile products can be selected] packaging materials. 7, PVA special-shaped bags, can be customized according to the requirements of a variety of different shapes of water-soluble bags to meet the different needs of the bottom arc bag. 8, PVA Agricultural seed bag; The seeds are packed in a fixed interval and buried in the ground, saving valuable seeds, but also can save thinning busy 9, embroidery water-soluble film; cold water Embroidery film as a temporary carrier, used for advance embroidery cloth bottom, water-soluble, soak for more than 10 seconds in the room temperature water, can dissolve off, The high-quality embroidery pattern can be presented. 10, water-soluble bubble film, There are blue, green, white and other colors, can be processed into a round, square or other different shapes requested by customers. 11, PVA in the temperature bag, used for wigs, food, cosmetics, Hospital bags of disposable bags, 12, water-soluble bags, shopping bags; water-soluble packaging bag features: 1, complete degradation, the end product for CO2 and h2o, non-polluting, non-toxic; 2, inside the bag in the room temperature water can dissolve, The dissolution speed is available for design selection, the outer bag is completely dissolved in the water of 80 degrees celsius, 3, the water-soluble bag has two kinds of embossing and smooth, the substrate thickness between the 25um-80um to choose between, Dissolution time 30 seconds-120 seconds; both inside and outside the package can be printed, and the handwriting is clear, ink and bag dissolved; 4 water-soluble packaging bag without static, tensile strength, uniform tension, not suction dust; 5, internal packaging bag using hot-pressing sealing, or water-soluble rope strapping, the outer packaging bag can be added letter buckle and stickers, sealing method is eager to seal, on both sides of the seal, three sides, sealed, etc. 6. Water-soluble bag Specifications by 3cmx5cm---100cmx120cm between any custom.

  • Water Soluble Bag

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