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Casual Fashion
Dresses | Shorts | Pants | Shirts
Women and Men Fashion Clothes!!
Nan Yang Yinda Garment works in the production of women's and men's clothing.
We custom-tailor customer orders, following samples and raw materials for production.
All the clothes we produce undergo rigorous quality inspections, we never allow disqualified and defective products to reach the market.
Our production equipment is modern with advanced art creation technologies and with guaranteed quality.
Nan Yang Yinda Garment aims to locate companies for distribution, resale and / or representation of products in Brazil.

Our products:
  • Jeans
  • Men's Casual Pants
  • Women's Saruel Pants
  • Women's Capri Pants
  • Knitted Pajamas
  • Dresses and Skirts
  • Women's Jackets
  • T-shirts and Shirts
  • Gym clothes
  • Social Clothing and MUCH MORE, CHECK OUT!

Contact Details

Nanyang Yinda Garment Co.Ltd
Limin Road, Luying Town, Wolong District
Nanyang / Henan
86 377 1833xxxx
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Mr. Yinda Wang Manager