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High quality brazilian sugar, produced in a sustainable way

NDR Company export three types of sugar: VHP, Crystal and Refined, following the strict quality control and ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) standards.


VHP Sugar

VHP is raw refined sugar, similar to Demerara, but with less honey and lower humidity, produced after the first crystallization of the sugar cane. It is used as a raw material for other processes and is intended for refining because of its high polarization.

Raw sugar can also be consumed directly without undergoing a new refining process, turning it into crystal sugar or refined sugar. The most exported standards range from ICUMSA600 to 1200.

Crystal Sugar

White cane sugar is also called white crystal sugar, is formed by the crystallization process, the crystals undergo a process of refinement softer than that suffered by the refined.

It is widely used because it contains less chemical substance and the cost is lower compared to the traditional ICUMSA45 refined sugar. The most exported standards range from ICUMSA100 to 150.

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar has the highest quality available on the market today. It is a highly refined white sugar suitable for human consumption and for use in a wide range of food applications, it is the safest form of sugar, due to the fact that the refining process by which it is created removes the bacteria and contaminants often present in raw sugars.

The most exported standard is ICUMSA45.


NDR Company specializes in exporting and commercialization high quality Brazilian sugar worldwide, produced in a sustainable way. With several years of experience in the international market in other segments, we know the main challenges from production to delivery to importers. Our main difference is the supply of products with the required qualities in the international market and the fulfillment of agreed deadlines.

We work with several sugar producers in Brazil and our partnership goes beyond supply, we care about sustainability throughout the production process and the strengthening of trade relations.

Export brazilian sugar from committed producers across the sustainable and responsible supply chain.

Sustainability is increasingly present in Brazil and in the world. Given this scenario, the sugar and energy sector is a great example, and the state of São Paulo is a reference among all producing states.