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Natamycin pigment

Natamycin pigment

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Minimum Order Quantity:

1 Kilogram

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T/T (Wire Transfer)

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Natamycin-a highly effective natural preservative against molds and yeasts
I. Introduction
Natamycin is a natural antibacterial product and classified as a macrolide polyene. Is produced during the fermentation by bacteria Streptomyces spp. Natamycin inhibits not only the growth of different types of molds and yeasts, but the production of their toxins with high efficiency. While widely used in food preservation and anti-fungal treatment, Natamycin has no effect on the bacteria. So does not affect the natural maturation process of yoghurt, cheese, fresh ham, sausage, etc.
* specifically and effectively inhibiting mold and yeast;
* Non-toxic, odorless, no impact of taste;
* significantly extend the shelf life of the food;
* ideal substitute of chemical preservatives;
* Not affecting other bacteria;
* extremely low dosage, high efficiency
III. application
Natamycin is most often used for spaying for surface treatment. Can also be mixed or layered. The recommended dosage varies for different applications. Generally for most food 100 ppm Natamycin can effectively inhibit the deterioration caused by molds and yeasts.
Foods that are suitable for the treatment of spraying include the block cheese, shredded cheese, salami and different kinds of sausages.
And it would be best for foods, including yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese and cottage cheese, fruit juice and fruit preparations to be treated by direct addition or mixing.
Also, Natamycin may be used on silage storage and fruit storage. Kills and inhibits about 100 types of molds that can contaminate grain and animal feed.
IV. Security
Natamycin is not toxic for humans and free of carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, or hypersensitivity. Is a Gras.
V. quality
Freda Natamycin meets standards of GB or USP standards. It can also be produced as per standards.
VI. packaging
bottle 100 g/500 g, 20 kg/25 kg drum, or custom marshaling.

  • China's largest factories
  • high-quality
  • cost-effective products
  • sold to South America and Europe.

Production Capacity:

200 tons per year


  • CFR - Cost and Freight
  • CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight
  • CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid to
  • EXW - Ex Works
  • FOB - Free on Board

Delivery Timeframe:


Packaging Details:

100g/500g bottle|10kg carton| 20kg drum

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Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co., Ltd
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Mr.Bill Lee
86 531 8121xxxx
West Coastal Str., 789 Linshu County - 276715
Linyi / Shandong
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