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Odontoquick Clinica Odontologica
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Medical, Health & Fitness Services
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Comprehensive Dental Services

Comprehensive Dental Services

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We have a team of professionals specializing in totally different fields of dentistry, with highly efficient techniques and standardized generating satisfaction to its customers.


Surgery: Perform surgeries in the oral cavity such as dental extractions and re-dental implants.

General Practice: Area of dentistry identified as oral health in general. In this case the professionals make diagnoses and services easier, if necessary the GP guides the patient to a specialist.

Dentistry: Restores the dental crowns, removing cavities and restoring the form, function and aesthetics of the teeth.

Endodontic: These channels and the roots of the teeth with injuries caused by infection in the dental pulp.

Implant: Take care of the need for placement of artificial teeth. They are cylinders or titanium screws, which can replace teeth that were lost. They can be unitary, partial or total. When you are well displayed, restore the aesthetics and function.

Pediatric Dentistry: Provide care to children and adolescents. Uses techniques of prevention to avoid the appearance of caries and malocclusion

Orthodontics: Correct positioning of the teeth, restoring the proper relationship between dental arches through corrective devices in adults and children.

Periodontics: Diagnose, prevent and treat the diseases of the gum tissue and to sustain the teeth, as periodontitis, gingivitis guiding patients about brushing techniques, to prevent formation of plaque and keep oral health.

Prosthesis: Take care of the rehabilitation of dental crowns and the recovery of teeth extracted by means of artificial teeth. The prostheses can be of various kinds, such as prostheses unitary, prostheses fixed, mobile prostheses, prostheses Totals (Dentures), prostheses adhesives, prostheses Fixed "Metal Free" (which do not use metal in the process ensuring a better aesthetic), on Prosthesis Implants, and so forth.

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Odontoquick Clinica Odontologica
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Dr..Isabele Vulcano
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Av Barao de Itapura, 1162 - Guanabara - 13020432
Campinas / SP