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58MM Bluetooth portable printers, bar code QR code images shopping mall Hotel thermal printer

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USD 25,00

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USD 25,00

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1 Piece/Pieces

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T/T (Wire Transfer)


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Not informed


Advantage features:<br />1. transparent lid large paper warehouse in 57x50mm thermal paper more durable than ordinary Bluetooth printer.<br />2. hold auto sleep, auto awake, saving energy, and prolong the using time functions.<br />3. battery capacity display.<br />This portable printer is widely used in meter, insurance, warehousing, logistics, police and other industries.<br />Size: 107*79*51.5MM weight: 192g Accessories: 439.3G.<br /><br />Application of mobile products supporting the use of suitable for outdoor environment.<br />Products have small size, light weight, reliable performance, connectivity is simple and easy to use features<br />The main scope of: mobile police system, the tobacco distribution system, utility meter reading system, mobile office/mobile logistics systems and portable instruments/equipment testing equipment.<br />Low operating costs (No ribbons, ink cartridges)<br />Weight: about 400g (included accessories: lithium battery, data cable, test paper)<br />Performance parameter<br />Print method: thermal line printing<br />Print >90mm/s<br />Print head life: 100km<br />Resolution: 203dpi (8dot/mm)<br />Print width: 48mm (384)<br />Paper width: 58 ± 01mm<br />Paper container volume diameter φ ≤ 50mm<br />Paper type thermal paper<br />Power supply (optional): rechargeable lithium-ion battery<br />Battery specifications: battery: 7.4VDC/1500mA<br />Charging method: external battery charger 9V/1.5A<br />Language: support for multiple languages<br />Print parameters: support download Logo trademark printing<br />Character size:<br />384 dots per line<br />Font A:12*24 point 1.5 (w) *3.0 (h) mm<br />Font B:9*17, 1.1 (w) *2.1 (h) mm<br />Jane/traditional: 24*24 3.0 (w) *3.0 (h) mm<br />Fu Zhongwen: GB a. second level Chinese character base 24x24 point support 18030 characters, support for Taiwan, Hong Kong, traditional Chinese<br />Latin: ANK characters<br />Extended character table: OEM437/Katakana/OEM850/OEM860/OEM863/OEM865/West Europe/<br />Greek/Hebrew/East<br />Europe/Iran/WPC1252/OEM866/OEM852/OEM858/IranII/Latvian/Arabic/PT151,1251/OE<br />M747/WPC1257/Vietnam/OEM864/Hebrew/WPC1255/Thai<br />Command simulation: compatible with ESC/P0S/STAR instruction set<br />Communication interface: standard RS232/USB interface, Bluetooth or IR/IRCOMM 2.0/SPP protocol protocol can be selected<br />Using environment-10~50℃ (temperature), 10~90% (moisture)

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Not informed

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Depends on Size of Order


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