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GST coded linear beam smoke fire detector

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The JTY-HM-GST102 linear beam smoke fire detector is a coded reflective linear infrared beam smoke fire detector. The detector can be directly connected with the fire alarm controller produced by our company, and the status information between the two can be transmitted through the bus. The detector must be used with a reflector, but one or four reflectors need to be used depending on the installation distance between the two. The detector mainly has the following characteristics:
(1) The transmitting part and the receiving part are combined into one, which is simple and convenient to install and has good optical path collimation;
(2) It has an automatic calibration function to ensure that debugging can be completed by a single person in a short time, and the operation is simple and convenient;
(3) With self-diagnosis function, it can monitor the internal fault of the detector;
(4) It has an automatic compensation function, which can automatically compensate for a certain degree of dust pollution, position offset and aging of the transmitting tube and other factors that reduce the received signal;
(5) Three levels of sensitivity can be set on site, which is suitable for places with different degrees of dust;
(6) Electronic code, address code can be set on site;
(7) The detection optical path is ingenious in design and has strong anti-interference performance;
(8) Sealed design, with waterproof performance;
(9) Patent product, patent number ZL03358053.7.
2 Main technical indicators
(1) Working voltage:
Bus voltage: bus 24V
Power supply voltage: DC24V
(2) Working current
Supply current: Debug current≤ 20mA
Monitor current≤8mA
Alarm current≤ 12mA
Bus current≤ 2mA
(3) Sensitivity level
Level 1: 1.3±0.3dB
Secondary level: 1.7±0.3dB
Level 3: 2.3±0.3dB
(4) Indicator light:
Debug status: Green and yellow LEDs light or flash in a specific way
Normal monitoring status: The red indicator flashes periodically
Fire alarm status: red indicator light is always on, yellow indicator is off
Fault status: Solid yellow LED
The optical path is all blocked: the detector reports the fault first and lights up the yellow indicator, and the detector reports a fire alarm within 20s~40s, and lights up the red indicator and turns off the yellow indicator
(5) Protection area: the maximum protection area of the detector is 14×100=1400m2, and the maximum width is 14m
(6) Shell protection level:
For general environmental applications, the enclosure protection rating is IP20
For special environmental applications, the enclosure protection class is IP66 after the adhesive sealing treatment
(7) Use environment:
Temperature: -10°C~+50°C
Relative humidity ≤ 95%, no condensation
(8) Dimensions:
Length: 206mm Width: 95mm Thickness: 95mm

Intelligent, electronic coding. Reflective linear infrared beam smoke detector, the detector must be used with a reflector, and one or four reflectors need to be used according to the installation distance between the two

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