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Glamping Canvas Tent

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The eco-friendly tent is a beautiful and well-designed glamping tent, more like a canvas-sided hotel room, equipped with a bathroom area, and the interior can place comfortable beds and other furniture. 43 sqm for 2 persons or a three-person family. The eco tent for sale can be set up on beaches, jungles, and resorts. More than 15 years of lifespan, if the maintenance does well. It is a sustainable investment when starting your glamping business.

Size: 4.2m*4.2m (main area), 4.2m*2m (side area)
Total Area: 42.84 sqm
Framework: galvanized steel pipe
Roof cloth: two layers, shade tent, and PVC
Sidewall Cloth: three layers of 500g canvas with insulation
Platform: adjustable galvanized steel platform

The design of the canvas glamping tent is the most eye-catching and popular. The square structure looks like a reduced-version house. When you glamp with the canvas tent, it's like glamping around your home. They feel more like portable cabins than tents and are very suitable for couples or family glamping.

The glamping canvas wall tent for sale can accommodate 2-3 people and is very spacious with a bathroom area. The glamping tents are stylishly arranged, and comfortable beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, or other furniture can be configured according to your preferences to give you or your guests a real glamping feel.

The interior space of the tent is divided into the main area and the side area according to design. The main area is the master bedroom, and the 3 side areas are the bathroom, balcony, and custom area. The master bedroom of nearly 18 square meters can be placed with a king bed, bedside cabinet, bed end stool, vertical air conditioner, writing desk, etc., which can be arranged according to your interior decoration ideas. The three side areas have the same area, nearly 9 square meters every. The bathroom area has sufficient space for showering or washing, and dry and wet separation can be installed during the renovation. The lounge area is directly opposite the master bedroom, where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery. The custom area can be repurposed according to your glamping ideas, as a recreational area, a temporary office area, or a second bedroom to accommodate more people.

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