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Water Filter EL Plus

The Ulfer EL Plus water purifier is ideal for small places, as it does not occupy space on the sink, being installed directly on the tap.

It has a backwash system, easy replacement refill and the exclusive Ecopure® system.

Minimum Order: US$ 1.000,00

Water Filter Pitcher Pratic

Pratic Water Purifier Pitcher is the most practical and smart way to have pure water really at your fingertips, anywhere and for the whole family.

It is a practical and simple product and can be used in corporate environments, homes or any other place, for all types of people, from children to seniors.

Others Water Filters

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One of the most modern products developed by Ulfer, with an advanced and versatile design for day by day. It has the exclusive and modern Ecopure system, guaranteeing the highest quality for your water.

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New Quality has been designed to meet the needs of consumers seeking to optimize spaces. With a small size, backwashing system and the exclusive Ecopure® system, it has the best cost-benefit in the market.

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Ulfer POP is modern and attractive, valuing even more the environment where it is installed. It has the exclusive Ecopure® system and can be installed in small rooms, fixed on the wall or left on the sink. Better cost x benefit of the Market.

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Compact Gel revolutionized the market due to its powerful cooling system and compact size. In addition, it has the exclusive Ecopure® system and offers water in 3 temperatures: natural, fresh and frozen.


Ulfer is a Brazilian company founded in 1976, in São Paulo / SP. Our concerns are the improvement of the production process, the investment in technology, the diversification of products and the launching of different models, which allowed the growth in the Brazilian market.
Due to this growth and the need to offer increasingly efficient products, the company moved to Itaquaquecetuba / SP in 1982, where our factory has more than 4,000 m2 and a hundred employees.

In the factory there are departments such as tool manufacturing, injection of thermoplastics, enamels and assembly lines. There is also the laboratory and the projects department.

All our products and parts are developed and produced in our own plant, which allows control over the quality of the process and, subsequently, of the manufactured products.

To manufacture water purifiers of high quality and accessible to all, assuring the consumption of real pure water, in order to improve the health of the people and their families.

All our products are certified by INMETRO, quality and efficiency are approved in all aspects: chemical, physical and bacteriological.

Ulfer developed an exclusive and advanced water purification system, the Ecopure, which has been tested and approved by the most demanding laboratories and quality controls;
The Ecopure has 3 different stages of purification: Physics: retain the existing particles in the water; Chemistry: reduces chlorine and other substances that give flavor and smell to water; Bacteriological: eliminates 99.9% of bacteria;
This system has been patented by Ulfer to insure against piracy.

All investment in machinery, equipment, facilities, and especially in skilled labor workers; Ulfer led to the application of the "5S" and the achievement of the ISO 9001 standard.
With the dedication and participation of all the employees of the company, the certification becomes permanent.