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Viton 44 Indústria, Comércio E Exportação Ltda.
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Non-Carbonated Natural Beverages From Brazilian Fruts & Extracts

Non-Carbonated Natural Beverages From Brazilian Fruts & Extracts

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Viton 44 produces and markets natural drinks, and currently has 34 different mix of products from Brazilian fruits, especially guarana, acai and others. We produce under the brand name "GUARAVITON".

GUARAVITON MEANS "GUARANA LIFE" -- The fountain of youth and Amazon secret to a fun-loving, feel-good life!

Our product lines for export are:

  • REVITALIZE, REENERGIZE AND RELAX: Bring the robust Amazon rainforest into your life - with world-class Guarana, Açai, and only half the calories found in most fruit beverages. Açai, the little purple berry that holds an ancient Amazon secret, is known to help boost your energy, stamina and vitality, promoting healthy living and a great "Wild and Wonderful" feeling.

  • AMAZING . AWESOME A + COMBO: A perfect combination of Guarana from the Amazon rainforest and Asian Ginseng. Known the Tupi Indians for centuries, Guarana gives you a natural time-released energy boost. Add Ginseng and you have a powerful low-calorie, delightful drink containing anti-oxidans and other youth preserving nutrients your body will love. Allow yourself to be amazed with this refreshing, robust-tasting juicy drink.

  • A GIFT FROM NATURE: Zero calorie with a richness that only Mother Nature can provide. For centuries , the Tupi Indians have been using a natural form of Guarana to boost up their energy levels, adding zest and vitality to their life - the natural way.

  • PERSONA: Natural, fluorinated water mineral, extracted direct of the source of Santa Barbara located at Cachoeira de Macacu - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

  • GINGA 290ml: Natural drink with base of fruits. Flavors: Grape, Guaraná, Tangerine, Swiss Lemonade, Maracujá and Orange with Acerola and Açai.

  • GINGA 500ml: Natural drink with base of fruits. Flavors: Grape, Guaraná, Orange Juice, Tangerine, Maracujá, Orange with Acerola, Açai and Fruits Salad.

    • non carbonated beverages Brazilian fruits herbs natural extracts guarana acai Guaraná
    • Açaí
    • Acerola and Catuaba

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    Viton 44 Indústria, Comércio E Exportação Ltda.
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    Mr..Mario Neto
    Exporter Supervisor
    55 21 2448xxxx
    Av Isabel Domingues, 44 - Anil - Jacarepaguá - 22763627
    Rio de Janeiro / RJ