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Yasai Biojóias

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About Us

Yasa ( Tupi -Guarani ): fruit that cries - Acai - fruit which leaves liquid - small brownish , giving bunches in açai palm (palm trunk with small diameter and thin sheets , which also produces palm ). When looking for a foot of the açaí this translation is quite noticeable because the bunch of acai seems to fall a tear.

Therefore, all raw materials to be benefited need "weep " , or fall from the trees to be used. Should never be harvested from the tree, because if it has not fallen it is green. Remembering what's important never collect more than 30 % of the plant produces, because the balance is necessary for management of soil and tree.

Project environmental responsibility. Preservation of the environment, promotion of the savanna and the generation of employment and income are objectives of this project .

The Yasa Biojóias is because a project aims to grow and multiply even though the objectives are the preservation and dissemination of savanna with generation of employment and income.

But after all what is a project ?

" A project is a planned development consisting of a set of interrelated activities and coordinated in order to achieve specific objectives within the limits of a budget and a time frame . " (UN , 1984) .

The elaboration of a project requires first of all a suitable environment for the development of ideas , requires time and patience so that we can work together .

" Elaborate designs is a form of independence . It is an approach to explore human creativity , the magic of the ideas and potential of organizations . It is an outlet for the energy of a group , share the pursuit of progress . " ( Kisil , Rosana . Drafting Manual and Project Proposals . USP , 1995) .

A project ( Orthographic Agreement of 1945 project) is " a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a product, service or result . Projects and operations differ primarily in the fact that projects are temporary and unique , while operations are continuous and repetitive . "
The hands that make the Yasa Biojóias

The hands that make the Yasa Biojóias hands are communities of family farming :

  •     Wansbeck : they go with skilled hands clenched inside to collect the wonders that the earth gives us so lightly benefit the raw material collected.
  •     Sobradinho , Sunrise Valley and Planaltina : curl papers (like old magazines ) for reuse in the manufacture of necklaces and earrings .
  •     Asa Norte : making the frivolité .
  •     New Cruise : crochet clothing , assembly of parts and workshop where I , Adriane , try to coordinate these women , joining the pieces to produce and create new and different . I try to combine good taste and fashion in support of two important causes : the defense of savannah and income generation !
    • bio-jewelry
    • Cerrado
    • Brazil
    • nature

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    Adriane Adratt
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    Mr..Ariana Adratt
    Analista Comércio Exterior
    55 47 8468xxxx
    SHCES Quadra 105, 105 Sala 95 (Térreo) - Cruzeiro Novo - 70650152
    Brasília / DF